Discover unique gifts that are not mass marketed from the Zadris own-label brand and from selected niche producers and designers.

Zadris Soaps Zadris Soaps Soaps are handmade in small batches Re-discover the simple, pure joy of soaps and its subtle scents from a mixture of Asian flowers, fruits, herbs and other scintillating aroma. Zadris Spa range yummy smelling soaps are found in top Malaysian resorts such as Pangkor Laut. We believe that ingredients are the most important element to any product range they are quite literally the building blocks of any product. That is why we source regional ingredients from South East Asia for their unique properties. Pandan, Mangosteen, centella, mint, black sesame seeds and guava leaves to name but a few. Our natural ingredients gently exfoliate and nourish - leaving skin glowing and fragrant washing away the stress and pollution of daily life.

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